Friday, May 29, 2015

Kane & Alessia Minkus talk Life Balance and make Big Money with Scott Paton

Kane and Alessia join Scott Paton as they talk about success, parent/business imbalances.

M&M Global Consulting is a marriage of Entrepreneurs and Business Owners. Two Specifically, in fact. Kane & Alessia met personally at a Business Growth event in Rimini, Italy. In fact Kane was presenting on stage in front of 3,000 participants along with global thought leaders Robert & Kim Kiyosaki. Alessia happened to be in the audience and after the two of them randomly (or not so randomly) met passing each other in the hallway – there was a spark.

As it turns out, Alessia, CEO and Co-founder of the largest Tour Operator in Italy, was dragged to this event by her coach. As she had worked with her coach, he recommended getting some new perspectives and joining him at this event for the weekend. It’s a good thing she did – because now Alessia and Kane have a beautiful baby together.

What they learned about each other after they met and fell in love is that both had a passion for launching and growing businesses. In fact, both being quad lingual, both Alessia and Kane had together launched and grown over 40 companies in 12 different countries. Their companies generated over $220M USD in revenues combined and they had, between the two of them, built 4 companies that were recognised as global industry leaders in their industries. Their companies span media, tourism, education, internet, real-estate, etc.

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Monday, May 11, 2015

Power Options TradingIncredible5 Star Review by Patrick S.

Pretty delighted at how this program Allen and I are developing is working for our members. :)

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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

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